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Individual Retirement Planning


At S/S Insurance, we provide the opportunity to plan for your future and grow a cash value to help you enjoy your retirement to the fullest. For customers in Lebanon, Mascoutah, New Baden, and throughout Clinton, Madison, and St. Clair Counties, we offer Independent Retirement Accounts (IRAs) in two forms to suit your needs. Talk to our agents about your situation, and see what type of IRA is right for you; options include:

  • Traditional IRA - Contributions may be made up to a certain amount, which are tax-deductible from state and federal returns for that specific year.
  • Roth IRA - Contributions are not tax-deductible in a Roth IRA. However, earnings and withdrawals are tax-free.
Independent Retirement Accounts

What If I Already Have a 401K?

Your participation in a 401(k) plan has no impact on your ability to contribute to an IRA (Roth or traditional). You can contribute up to $5,500 to an IRA in 2017 ($6,500 if you’re age 50 or older) if you qualify. But, depending on your salary level, your ability to make deductible contributions to a traditional IRA may be limited if you participate in a 401(k) plan; ask your agent for more details!

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Estate Planning

You’ve worked hard over the years to accumulate wealth. Additionally, you may find it comforting to know that, after your passing, the assets you leave behind will continue to be a source of support for those you leave behind. However, to ensure that your legacy reaches those that you intend, you must make the proper arrangements now. There are four basic ways to leave a legacy:

  • Wills - A legal document outlining the recipients of money, possessions, land, etc.
  • Trusts - A Legal entity where one party grants a second permission to manage assets.
  • Beneficiary Designation - This person receives assets and benefits awarded from life insurance policies, retirement accounts, etc.
  • Joint Ownership Agreements - Ownership of assets by two or more people.

Why Plan Your Estate With Us?

We use a combination of lawyers, accountants, and insurance professionals to ensure all bases are covered when planning your legacy. A lawyer prepares your legal documents while an accountant carefully calculates debts and assets. Finally, our insurance professionals ensure you’re using the right savings to pay as little tax as possible and keep as much as you can for your family.

Furthermore, we plan to use a Qualified Distribution Plan Analyses (QDPA). This allows us to reduce taxes to your heirs by as much as 50%. Talk to an agent about why you should use a QDPA when planning your estate!