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Life Insurance, Health Insurance & Disability Insurance

Life Insurance

A life insurance policy provides financial protection for an untimely death. Funeral costs, unpaid expenses, and other obligations can drain a family, financially, when someone dies. However, life insurance policies may also offer living benefits. Depending on your specific coverage, these living benefits include: 

  • Cash for a Down Payment
  • Tax-free College Expense Funds
  • Tax-Free Retirement Supplements
  • Long-Term Care Expenses
  • Tax-Free Estate Planning
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life insurance new baden illinois
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Term Life Insurance

Term policies provide protection for a specific period of time. These are typically used to cover the excess amount over permanent insurance during your high debt period i.e. ages 25 to 50. Premiums are paid to provide a death benefit to one or multiple beneficiaries upon your death.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent insurance provides protection for your entire life, regardless of future health changes. As long as premiums are being paid, you’ll receive coverage. However, premiums may need to be increased based on the rising cost of insurance. Furthermore, these policies may accrue a cash value that can be used during life!

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Health Insurance

If you’re self-employed or not covered by your employer, an individual health insurance plan provides protection and peace of mind for you and your family. High deductible plans are available with Health Savings Accounts (tax-advantaged savings that you can use for your medical expenses). We’re proud to provide health coverage for people in Lebanon, Mascoutah, New Baden, and throughout Clinton, Madison, and St. Clair Counties.

What is a Health Savings Account (HSA)?

An innovative and practical savings account for your medical bills that you can set up with us. You won’t pay tax on the funds you deposit or the interest you make. Use your funds to pay for your qualified medical expenses, or start a nest egg for retirement. Your money stays yours. Since your balance rolls over each year, “use it or lose it” doesn’t apply.

health insurance new baden il

Is Individual Medical Insurance Right For Me?

Individual policies are beneficial if you are:

  • Self-Employed
  • Not covered by your employer
  • Working part time
  • Retiree not yet eligible for Medicare
  • Unemployed
long-term disability insurance

Short-Term Disability Insurance

This policy will pay you a monthly benefit if you are unable to work due to a disabling accident. It does not cover a disability due to sickness. The cost of this policy is, generally, lower than the cost of policies covering both accident and sickness-related disabilities.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

This policy will pay you a monthly benefit if you are unable to work due to a disabling accident or sickness. You can tailor this policy by selecting the elimination period, benefit period, and optional riders that would best meet your needs.