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Pension Maximization

Accumulation Phase
: During the 1st. stage of retirement planning it is important to understand your options and formulate plan early on.

How much will you need for retirement? It depends on how well you want to live, today and during retirement. We will discuss your life style and the goals you and your family want to set in place. We offer income and expense evaluations to help our clients set future goals.

Tax-Deferred Accounts: Most Americans are making steady deposits into some type of 401k, TSA, TSP, 403b, Pensions, etc. These are tax-deferred accounts, and you will pay taxes on all of the money (deposits and gains) in these accounts when you make withdraws. We will review your plan you have at work and how to evaluate your account choices.

Tax-Free Accounts: There are a few products available to build tax-free funds for the future, they are: Roth IRA’s, H.S.A., and Life Insurance; we can illustrate how you can save tax-free funds and have them available for future life events such as: College Funding, Tax-free withdrawals before and during retirement, Long Term Care, Estate and Legacy Planning.

Preservation and Distribution Phase: I suggest the ideal time to begin looking at the preservation and distribution phases of retirement income planning is age 50.

Preservation Phase:
Begin by reviewing current investments and comparing them to your current risk-tolerance profile and future lifestyle needs. During this stage you will want to protect your money from being eroded by extreme market risk or avoidable taxes. What you need at this stage are investment choices that can still provide growth and defer taxes while preserving your hard-earned accumulated principal.

Distribution Phase: When addressing the structuring and, in some cases, restructuring of invested assets to provide retirement income for life. In fact, statistics show the No. 1 concern among retirees is the fear of outliving their money. And with good reason: Boomers can count on living longer in retirement than any previous generation, which makes keeping their principal intact and safe during the preservation and distribution. 
No matter what phase you are in our about to enter, we will review your options and help you find a solution.

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