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Protect yourself and your possessions, learn more about homeowners insurance

S/S Insurance Agency understands that your home is a big investment. So our House & Home Insurance offers security with customized coverage at an affordable price. Our policies protect your home and what's inside it, with extra coverage options for furniture, valuables, and more.

Having your home insurance periodically checked is crucial to protect your home. Too often are homes underinsured and when a crisis happens the insurance is not enough to cover the damages. As you know, home values are always increasing and so should your insurance coverage.

When you purchase a home, the mortgage lender requires you to have insurance before the purchase is complete. Homeowner's insurance policy provides many benefits and gives a homeowner a peace of mind knowing that his/her home is insured.

Did you know that the following coverage is excluded or very limited on your homeowners insurance?
• Water/Sewer Backup
• Earthquake
• Flood
• Jewelry, musical instruments, coins, silverware, furs
Discounts available:
Home Buyer Discount
Multi-Policy Discount
Newer Home Discount
Protective Devices Discount

Get the flexible protection you need and the discounts you deserve.

Your landlord's policy may not cover your personal belongings. Renters Insurance makes so much sense and it's cheaper than you think — you can add the policy to your auto policy for about $4 more a month.
A lot of things can happen to your place. Pipes burst. A spark ignites a blaze. Thieves break down your door. Sometimes stuff just happens. Your day starts out like any other day, and then suddenly your possessions are ruined or stolen. And if something forces you to move out for a few weeks, you could end up shelling out thousands of dollars. Can you really afford that out of pocket?

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